U-SAFE Consultancy Workshop | Assests Management
Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management involves the balancing of costs, opportunities and risks against the desired performance of assets, to achieve the organizational objectives. This balancing might need to be considered over diffrerent timeframes. Asset management also enables an organzation to examine the need for, and performance of, assets and asset systems at different levels. Additionally, it enables the application of analytical approaches towards managing an asset over the different stages of its life cycle (which can start with the conception of the need for the asset, through to its disposal, and includes the managing of any potential post disposal liabilities).

  1. Advice on the establishment of Asset Management System for the optimized management of physical infrastructure assets in meeting the BSI Standards PAS 55-1
  2. Consultancy services for preparation of certification of PAS 55 – 1
  3. Conducting Asset Management Audit according to PAS 55 – 1
  4. Conducting Asset Management Review