U-SAFE Consultancy Workshop | Safety & Health Management
Safety & Health Management

Safety & Health Management

Safety Legislation Advice

  1. Advice on handling Improvement Notices, Suspension Notices, Prohibition Notices, etc issued by Labour Department
  2. Advice on handling prosecutions note issued by Labour Department against safety offences
  3. Advice on handling employees’ compensation cases
  4. Advice on handling statutory Investigations into industrial accidents
  5. Advice on compliance with legal requirements and international standards

Safety Management Systems and Auditing

  1. Formulation of Safety Plan for tendering and implementation
  2. Conducting Safety Audits/Reviews for compliance with Legislation
  3. Set up Safety Management System (SMS), SMS Implementation support including attendance at Safety Committee Meetings and conducting safety inspections, reviews, safety audits, etc
  4. Set up and conducting pre-certification review for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS18001 Certifications and subsequent surveillance audit

Engineering Safety and Reliability Management

  1. Set up and formulation of System Safety Plan / System Assurance Plan and subsequent implementation
  2. Establishment and management of hazard log and conducting associated tasks of Preliminary Hazard Analyses, Design Safety Reviews, Quantified Risk Assessments and HAZOP Studies, etc
  3. Conducting Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Analyses of Engineering Systems

Safety Training

  1. Safety training
  2. Safety Management Training
  3. System Safety and Reliability Training
  4. Other safety related training

Occupational Hygiene

  1. Workplace occupational hygiene surveys
  2. Noise assessments and indoor air quality measurement, etc
  3. Advice on establishment and implementation of health assurance program

Risk Management

  1. Advice on risk management system
  2. Conducting independent assessments
  3. Advice on risk management system strategy
  4. Advice on the Enterprise Risk Management System