U-SAFE Consultancy Workshop | Quality Management
Quality Management

Quality Management

As the quality movement matured and improved, it developed into Quality Management. Now the emphasis has widened to include developments in systems thinking and management systems. Quality management is a much broader field. While it includes quality planning, as well as quality control and quality assurance, it also includes quality improvement and extends beyond just QA and QC to a systems approach and looking at the quality management system as a whole. Our service includes the following:

  1. Advice on the establishment of Qualify Management System for obtaining certification of ISO 9001
  2. Consultancy services for preparation of certification of ISO 9001
  3. Conducting internal quality management audit according to ISO 9001 requirements
  4. Conducting quality management review
  5. Conducting compliance audit to evaluate the adequacy of control on the level of compliance associated with an operational activity or practice by comparing its implementation against established standards, which are usually internal rules and procedures or statutory requirements
  6. Work process review and audit to improve efficiency of work