U-SAFE Consultancy Workshop | Environmental Management
Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Air Pollution Management Services

  1. Indoor Air Quality Surveys
  2. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Control
  3. Advice on Legislation Requirements
  4. Dust Monitoring
  5. Environmental Risk & Hazard Survey & Assessment
  6. Environmental Risk & Hazard Monitoring & Management
  7. Ambient Air Quality Surveys & Monitoring
  8. Emission management

Environmental Management Systems and Auditing

  1. Development of Environmental Management Plan
  2. Independent Environmental Auditing
  3. Development of Environmental Management System (EMS)
  4. EMS Implementation Support
  5. EMS Problem Solving
  6. Environmental Surveys

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  1. EIA study for small to medium size company in meeting the contract specifications and legislative requirements
  2. EIA implementation support
  3. Land Contamination Assessment

Environmental Training

  1. Environmental Awareness
  2. Environmental Pollution Control Training
  3. Environmental Management System
  4. Training to meet the contract specifications
  5. Environmental Regulation

Environmental monitoring Service

  1. Sampling and analyses of environmental pollutants including air, water for monitoring of environmental quality
  2. Noise measurement

Noise Control

  1. Environmental noise surveys and monitoring
  2. Identification and measurement of noise sources
  3. Advice on legislation requirement
  4. Application of Construction Noise Permit (CNP)

Waste Management

  1. Waste minimization studies
  2. Development of Waste Management plan
  3. Advice on practical implementation of waste minimization program
  4. Advice on the most economical and efficient methods for waste collection, storage, treatment at sources transportation and disposal

Water Pollution Control

  1. Review and identification of water pollution sources
  2. Monitoring, sampling and analysis of pollutants
  3. Design of effluent treatment systems
  4. Advice on legislation requirements
  5. Equipment specifications and selection
  6. Supervision of installation and commissioning
  7. System performance evaluation

Energy Management

  1. Energy survey and review
  2. Energy monitoring
  3. Establishment of energy management system
  4. Energy audit
  5. Energy efficiency equipment

Environmental Engineering Work

  1. Wherever possible US can assist in local fabrication of engineering systems for pollution control and installation energy efficiency equipment in order to minimize costs and to meet the specific local requirements.